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Welcome to my blog. Thank you very much.This blog consist of about 20 articles which are picked up in my other blog in order to introduce the gang stalking and my situation. I have lived in Australia now because I would like to escape from gloomy harassments.So I am a victim of gang stalker.

In Japan, the number of committing suicide are over 30,000 and disappearances are over 170,000 people every year over the last ten years. It is said that most reason is gang stalking. Assailants force victims into the corner used by many harassments such as spreading lie about victim, keep watch on victim and imply privacy, bugging, secret filming and so on.

So far, I escaped to the Philippine two year ago, but I received harassments by Japanese much worse than in Japan.I returned ro Japan only five days although I paid for rent and tuition fee of two mouths

I will introduce that situation below.And before I go Philippine, I escaped many places in Japan such as country town and the house of mountain. But I was found by GPS of mobile phone and so on, and then I received harassments in the place.

Wherever I move in and work for, they lied and exaggerated about me among every people who are neighbors and co-workers. I have been received this harassments over 20 years. This rumor harassment is called COINTERPLO which has been used by CIA, FBI and so on.

The purpose of COINTERPLO is to force individual into corner and isolation in society. That is why I made this blog in order for I would like everyone know the truth. I regularly received this harassment when I mostly suffered from the after effect of brain bleed and I was weaken in mental.

In that time, I suffered very much. Because I had to receive many harassment while I was recovering brain. I introduce below. Some people might believe that I committed any crimes or something like that.

If I committed any crimes, I would like to be captured by police and I would like to reflect. But I did not commit any crime. At first, it started over twenty years ago when one religion member had hostility to me.

After that, I have received many gloomy harassment almost everyday. Moreover, they spread my idea including lie among peple. It might sound weired and strange. Howevr, if you read this blog, you will understand this situation. I am very grateful and glad that if you read this blog and you do not have prejudice for me.


Some people visit this web-site by looking at the flier. I wrote down some persons in the university. I have to say one thing that some of them must be also deceived by assailants. Of course, some of them are real assailants though. I guess there are some institutions, which do harassment to individual target, over the world. The institution order to spread rumor of lie, stalk to me, do electronic harassment to me and other harassments. Many people around me such as my family, friends, professors are not assailants and can also be said as victim because they are also deceived and forced to do harassments also people close to me received big physical damages.

Before you proceed, let me introduce two screens related to gang stalking.

This is AMERICAN news program which introduces gang stalking

This screen introduces Cointelpro which is rumor harassment and has been used by CIA or other institution for a long time.

Gang Stalking, _Bullying on Steroids._ GangStalking _ Organized Stalking

A menber of Mizzuri state support the victim of gang stalking $ electronic harassment

The victim won against the assailant of gang stalking & electronic harassment

1)Missigan, 2)Texas state and 3)Russia have the law ban on electronic harassment
1) http://emhdf.com/mich-law.htm
2) http://www.voicetoskull.com/news.htm
3) http://www.mindjustice.org/#2

The institution of gang stalking & electronic harassment victim
1)America http://www.freedomfchs.com/
2)Japan http://www.geocities.jp/techhanzainetinfo/
3)England http://www.mindjustice.org/

Japanese version is here 日本語はこちら http://doctorfish3.blog25.fc2.com/

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I would like to reveal the lie

This article just reveals the lie. So this might be not interesting.

But I am glad you know the truth by reading this article.

I received much harassment

wherever I travel such as Philippines, Hong-Kong, and internal Japan.

I bet they lied and exaggerated about me for inhabitants and others.

And wherever I moved and worked for, the same situation happened..

They lied that I belong to any cult religion or other group like that.

But I have never belonged to any religion or other group.

I do not deny the religion because I know most religion is good for our mind.

And they lie that I frequently ask lady out,

but I have never cheated on my wife over four years.

They lied that I was supported money to enter the university and living expense by other.

But I have paied all tuition fee and living expense by myself.

My parent sometimes gave me money although I refused it.

But this amount is really small compare to total money which I already paid.

Also when my parent gave me money, they aim to appeal that I am supported by them or any trap.

They lie I am not fair to disorder person. But I strongly deny it.

I have denied many times since before. And I really suffered from brain bleed.

On the other hand, they often said me linguistic disorder.

Some people, who do harassments to me, might worry not to get money if I deny a lie.

So this is public business in Japan and many people get money by doing harassments.

I became top sales in some companies and they say that I use dirty method to sale.

But I received little complaint in company.

I have said many times that I pride it more than the result of sales.

I have been kept watch on by the cult, can I use dirty method for work or cheat on my wife.

They do want to make me return to Japan.

Because it is easy to do harassments and keep watch on me.

When I suffered from the after effect of brain bleed,

I said many times, would you stop to do harassments because I suffered from it.

But they regularly started to do harassment when I mostly suffered from it.

And they trapped me by using much method.

In that time, I was betrayed so easily

and they could have persuaded other person that I am foolish.

I was said to kill by using cooking knife in those day.

But now I recovered, please kill me by using knife if you want to do.

Recently they seem to say that I must have grudge and get even to everyone.

But I have received much harassment for long time.

I know it is not meaning and no use.

Of course, I sometimes lose my temper because of gloomy harassments.

But I do not think to get even. Above all I would like to escape from harassments.

I have never said bad things about any religion except for Soukagakkai.

They also lie that I had bought my way into the university.

I made an effort very much and I passed the entrance exam of some universities.

And I can not do something like hacker.

They spread my idea by mind reading for many person including a lot of lie and exaggeration.

So I shrink to think everything and take an action.

They often asked me why you do not get married. It means that they want to say that I want to play more.

However, I denied to get married for a long time, because I have received this harassment

and I thought that my wife must have be involved in this situation.

They often asked me when will you get married although they know my thinking.

They hoped that I have wife and child because they can take advantage of my weak position.

I got married to my wife although I have a lot of anxiety because I have a good relationship.

However, they do harassments related to my wife as I thought before.

As a result, no matter whatever I do and say.

They invested much money in this system; harassment.

They have to return money however they lie and do harassment.

I know this mind reading device costs about 231 million yen or 3 million AU dollars.

Moreover they paid much money except for this device, too.

They always get money to make imaginary enemy or bad person.

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The after effect of brain bleed

I used to do boxing when I was high school and university.

I was hospitalized when I could not speak anything after practice boxing.

Next day I went to hospital and took CT, doctor told me that you had to be hospitalized because of brain bleeding.

The worst suffering of my symptom of after effect is

that I did not think very much what I wanted to think

My brain did not work at all when I was junior and senior in university.

In that time, I took many job interviews in order to enter the company.

Moreover, I suffered that I often lost consciousness.

I intended to spend ordinary live,

but my brain stopped to work for a few or more seconds.

when I had conversation, It was often happened that the topics changed without I notice.

And I worked as sales person. So I had to drive a car.

I suffered from I tried not to lost consciousness.

But I ignored the traffic light many times without I noticed.

What’s more, I made a car hit to the wall many times.

And my ears have become weak. My fingers did not work very well.

I did not write down because my fingers shook.

And I forgot anything, what I remember, within three minutes.

I sometimes forgot even that I was punch drunker.

It was much worse that I drunk alcohol in order to escape from the situation.

Moreover I do not want to say that I often let leak.

I felt uneasy to live anytime.

It takes about twenty years since then.

I was dismissed three companies in the first two and half years

after graduate university.

I think it can not help it because I did not work and live ordinally life very well.

But I worked as sales person after recovered my brain because I felt regrettable.

And I became top sales person in four companies and had my own company.

It is just excuse. I want to reveal that now I am not foolish anymore.

But I have received much gloomy harassment since then.

My company must sale the most in the prefecture

but I closed down because of harassments.

And I must have lost money over ten million yen or hundred thousand Au dollars because of the harassments.

A certificate for boxing tournament I got the first prize in kanto state in student.

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So far I heard from other victims of gang stalking many times that almost everyone not only men but also women say to face with honeytrap several times. I faced with honeytrap many times before but I have never cheated on my wife for four and half years. However, especially, I faced with honeytrap when I really suffered from the after effect of brain bleeding.

Our common opinion is that we got to know most woman by honeytrap who are a member of SOUKA GAKKAI or Korean Japanese. I had girl friend for three years when I was university student. I was vice president of boxing club and she was a manager of the club.

To tell the truth, I have not remember about her over ten years but I would like to make you know the truth that you might make misunderstanding about me. I met her almost every day. In short, we got on the same train and belonged the same club. What is more we had very good relationship.

However, I was hospitalized because I had brain bleeding during practice of boxing. So I could not speak at all. Although this injure, I continued to do boxing in university. So my condition of brain became really bad which is called punch drunker.

Usually, my consensus often lost and my memories did not work which I forgot any things within three minutes. However, sometimes these symptoms disappeared and my brain rarely worked well. I said to her since before some times that we would break up when my brain became bad because it is my responsibility.

Also I had been kept watched on by members of SOUKA GAKKAI which is pointed out as cult religion by several countries such as France, Austria, Chili and others. They started to do harassments when my brain regularly became bad at the end of third grade of university. They seemed to wait for the right moment when my brain did not work and my ability of judge anything became really bad. There are some people who take care of my brain.

However, since that time, some people, who tried to trap me, appeared to me. On the other hand, other people, whom I got along with, tried to keep away from me. Probably, assailant started to spread lies about me that I entered into University by selling backdoor admission and so on. So they also started to keep watch on me by bugging, secret filming, hacking and others.

In addition, I was asked to belong to one circle although I was four grade of university. I went to join the circle once. However, I know it after join that the circle is managed by one religion. The atmosphere was really strange.

Moreover, I met my girl friend almost every day but her contact suddenly lost at that time. What is more, her family also became cold to me although they had been very kind for me before. However, there was a reason why they suddenly became cold to me.

One reason is that assailant kept watching on me and implied many things, which they caught by secret filming, including sex and privacy. Also another reason is that I had an car accident on the way to boxing gym. It was that the car, which was driven the assailant, came to me with high speed and hit the side mirror to me. After that, the car stopped once and escaped from me. Of course, the side mirror became fragment. If I proceed a little bit more, I might be die. She closely saw this accident and then she seemed to strongly feel scared.

And then, assailant started to try many trap to me include forcing me into isolation. In one of many trap, assailant asked me to go drinking. We got to know one girl at that time. I did not know that she was Korean Japanese.

Also it was over ten years ago, so I was not conscious about Korean Japanese at that time. In addition, I thought she was Japanese for some months from getting to know. Of course, she has Japanese name. It was just trap that we became boy friend and girl friend.

Although I liked my girl friend, I became close to her in order for I would like to cover my sorrow because my girl friend suddenly became cold and I suddenly became isolation and I was annoying that my brain did not work very well. However, I actually did not have any hatred to this Korean Japanese and I did not think that she was bad person.

However, I basically dislike Korean Japanese. I really feel mortifying that not only I was trapped cowardly but also I was aimed when I had the after effect of brain bleeding. I keep along with her about two years. She also noticed that my brain was really bad and her left me.

Now I do not remember both of girl friend in boxing club and Korean Japanese at all because I experience a lot of bad things after that. However, I remember only one thing that I was trapped cowardly by Korean Japanese. Additionally, I got along with previous girl friend for about five years. However, she was also involved in the gang stalking. That is why we broke up although I do not remember her at all.

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Mental instability

I had mental illness long time ago. A lot of victims of gang stalking were being made out to be the mental illness in .Japan. However, in my case, I really had mental illness.

I worked in four companies about for the first two and half years after graduation from university. I quitted one company by myself because my brain did not work at all. But in other three companies, I was lad off. I said before as well that I had the after effect of brain bleeding at that time.

At the same time, doing harassment by gang stalkers started regularly to me since my brain really became bad. In addition, my former girl friend left me due to gang stalking. It also might give me damage.

I was thinking to die every day in that time. This is because I was laid off some companies, I flanked by girl friend, and receiving a lot of abnormal harassments such isolation, spreading a lie, and so on. Actually I decided not to be regrettable for doing boxing because I decided to do boxing by myself. But I felt regret only at that time.

However, in that time, my mental became moderate weak. After that, I had abnormal trouble with one woman who is one of gang stalkers. My mental became very weak. Moreover, at that same period, my mother had a car accident that she was hit by big truck. I thought all things around me became crazy.

It is just my excuse that if my brain worked better, I think I could deal with these troubles better. However, in that time, I could not cope with these troubles at all. I felt that my mental and my body seemed to become separate.

I went to mental hospital and got a prescription. But if I think about positive thing, my body became strange such as my body temperature became high, cough did not stop, and I was having difficulty breathing..

Maybe, my mental balance collapsed. Although I was in these situations, assailant did not stop to do harassments to me. That is why I took more time to recover from mental illness.

My body, which had been really strong, was easy to get fever and I did not think about positive thing because I was having difficulty breathing. I was bothering and did not know when I would recover from this situation. So I was suffering from this mental and brain illness about for three years.

Moreover, I thought every trouble cause me until I noticed gang stalking. When I received very outrageous harassment, I thought It cause to me and I needed to be more right attitude. That is why my attitude became more and more wither.

However, after I noticed that this is gang stalking, I was recovering from mental illness little by little and I found a little bit means of survival. (I noticed my situation but I did not know this is gang stalking.) Especially, when I tried to escaped to the mountain of Gunma prefecture from gang stalking, it make me refresh and comfortable.

There are a lot of beautiful nature and some idiot people there. I, who had been a lot of inferiority complex, got a clue to recover. This situation was very good for me whose mental was very bad although now I do not want to work there any more.

Even now assailant spread it among people that my mental is very weak although it passes about eight years since then. But I think that if you think so, please try to fight against me. I will fight to you anytime.

I recover from the after effect of brain bleeding as well as mental illness. After that, I realized that I fell into the victim of gang staking including mind reading, mind control and so on. If you want to fight to me, please come on. I had very deep hatred for gang stalking. It might be beyond the reach of your imagination.

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