So far I worked in a lot of companies. I also worked as sales person many times.

It was not route sales which I sell item for regular shop. Its sales style is

a walk-in. This is because if I work as route sales, I must receive harassments

from the person in charge. So I have to sell the item for the person who did not

hear my rumors of lie. And if I have a prospective customer, I can not get a contract

unless our meeting is less than three times. If I meet them over three times,

they must hear my rumor of lie. After that, I can not get the contract though

I make a promise the contract next time. So they will never meet me any more.

I did not work as salary system. Most of companies, which I worked in, apply

complete percentage pay system. This is because I do not need to be accused and

received harassment if I do not get the contract. It is just that I do not get

anything unless I do not get the contract. However, I received harassments and

complain which are a part of gang stalking.This does not boast that I became top

sales person in most companies although my job did not be stable at all and

might not be good job for most people. And some people invited me to their company

with more money. I am really grateful for them.Moreover, my own company became

the top sales in the prefecture although I closed it down because I received much

abnormal harassments. However, I thought that I could get money when I work.

And I intended to work any job which is really hard, dirty or not stable.

But I lost the confidence to get money. This is because I received really

abnormal harassments in my last job. So this job was also sales of a walk-in.

When I visit customer, all customers deal with me like criminal. So my rumor of

lie must spread among all places in my sales area. They must hear my rumor of lie.

This situation was really crazy.This harassment has been done by mainly young people.

This is because when I visit a customer, these young people who do overpowered

attitude replied my visit most time. Moreover, these parents also replied

my visit while they were taking care of their children. Of course, they are

pulled by cult religion which called Souka behind their back. Maybe, they young

people might communicate with each other and exchange the information about me

through the SNS. They must not have noticed that I was a victim of gang stalking.

They thought that they intended to force bad person into corner. They believed

rumor of lie about meand they believe their action good.That is a reason why their

actions were completely controlled. What is more, I worked in order to pool the

money for going abroad and I planned to go abroad one month later. So the cult

intended to interrupt my purpose and they must think that it is fine to spread

rumor about me because I will leave Japan one month later. So I noticed their attitude

and I was known by most people around there. I made over 5000 paper of sales fliers

including my other blog URL which is this blog's Japanese version.

I made this URL part into only red color although other parts are only black.

I distributed the fliers in many places where are around my hometown, my previous house,

my previous company and other place. I decided to quiet sales and concentrated on

distribution.After that, some young people made a low bow to me when we passed

each other. Also other young people said sorry to me when we passed each other.

However, these behaviors finished within 2 or 3 days. So I thought that their

action was really controlled. Most assailants of harassment are young people.

The cult can control and deceive young people so easy because they are more pure.

When I manage my own business, my business performance is good. This is because

I deal with the owners of whole apartment who can think everything by themselves

and judge it with calm because of much life experience.

So I am grateful for them very much even now.

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