I went to the police office and a threat comment

There was the plan that victims of gang stalking over the world go to the police to claim about damage during June 2010. This dairy is about this plane which I wrote it down in my private blog 10days ago.

Today , I went to police with friend who is also victim of gang stalking and this police is in the center of my house and friend’s . I brought tens of evidence and picture of my damages. Of course, the polices know in advance that I and friend go to the police. At first, I said that we would like to consult about stalking. After that, one police said to us that you are aimed by ladies and is this related to lovers that the police seems to aim at threat for us. And then one police, who looks a stern, brought us to the investigation room which is named “SEIKATUANZENKA”..

At first, I gave the pictures below and claimed about the damage of my bicycle in order to give the clue of our damages. We always received any harassment every days such as flat tire of bicycle, breaking the basket of bicycle and putting the garbage into my mail post.



After that, this police said to me that show me all of your pictures so that I shows all pictures to him. These evidences including the cut of my wrist and arm and my friend arm’s sore.



I said that this is cased by electronic magnetic wave attacks. I explain that this attack is admired by the trial in US and politician in US submitted the law about banning on this attack into upper house with the some evidences documents below URL. Moreover, during explanation, many police come to our house in order to watch and give pressure. But we ignored these attitudes and continue to explain.

Of course, when I explain these things, they said we do not believe because we have never heard these attacks despite of our explanation. My friend’s cat died 3days prior to this day and the cat received this attack and injured.

However, the police said we do not understand the purpose of these attacks. Friend explains that his lighter vanished in his car and asked the policed is this crime. The police said again I do not understand the purpose. I said the purpose is to force our mental into the corner. When we received these harassments every day such as implying about our dairy life and coughing behind our back every time, our mental is forced into corner.

Moreover, I shows the threat comments which wrote down in my blog. I said the police that the assailant wrote down “be careful your life”. My friend also said this is complete crime right and what do you think. But the police said to me that the assailant do not specify to me. I replied to police that I always received harassments so I am specified by assailants. But they do not assent.

Moreover, my friend asked the police about are you a member of SOUKA GAKKAI which is the biggest religion in Japan. We know that this section “SEIKATUANZENKA” consists of almost this members. When the police said to us that you should call the police in advance next time, I said if I called the police the police of member of SOUKAGAKKAI must wait for us.

Finally, my friend said that we are really worried about these damages. I thought that this opinion really makes to the point about our feeling. The police said that you should not relate to this the assailants such as claiming your damage to the police. We said together that we strongly do not related to this.

Finally, I asked the police that the police can take any action about this harassment. But they said we can not. I asked again that you can submit the report of our damages into your boss. They said no. I asked again if many victims visit the police, you can take any action. They said if many victims come together into police, we can not. I asked again it is not many people together but if many individuals come to the police to claim these damages, you can take action. But they said no. We do not understand this.

We stayed in the police about for one and half hours. But we can not get good result we need to continue to go to the police and change the way to claim. In addition, many victims should go to the police.

Below content is a next dairy.

I would like to add some things to previous article. I get some reports from some victims since entering June. I found the common sense in these reports. It is that the police must say that you should bring any evidences. So we were also said to bring evidences.

Assailants know that we can not catch evidence so that they continue to do gloomy harassments. I said to the police that we were annoying due not to catch evidence. However, the police said it like manual that you need to bring evidence.

The police said that you should get a surveillance camera when the friend said to be stolen a lighter. I said again that if I am in usual situation, I will catch the culprit. But they have a high quality wiretap and keep watch on me. That is why if I attach the surveillance camera to the car, the culprit will never come to the car again.

However, the police asked me again I have never heard the high quality wiretap like this and who has and where. The argument went round in circle without getting anywhere. If you have any evidence related to wiretap, you had better to bring it.

Also they said that you should bring more simple evidence because I brought the evidence which is written in English. These evidences are the bill ban on electromagnetic wave attack to individual in U.S. and the judgement ban on it.

The police said to me that the situation between U.S. and Japan is different. I said to him that the crime can carry out in Japan as well if it carried out in U.S. However he said these affairs have never carried out in Japan. I said that if you have never heard, it is not impossible that it carries out.

Some victims already have the evidence of car number which is driving many times around the victim. The police said it will be efficient. However I guess they might say it is by accident or neighbors.

I thought this report’s key is to bring the evidence. Of course, it is too difficult to get the evidence and assailants know it. So it may is also good to bring it on the internet.

I brought a copy of threat comment below. Also I received many other threat comments after that but I did not bring these although I explained. I should have brought these as well. I feel regrettable.

Finally, it is essential the comment said by my friend that we are really bothering for a long time and we really escape from these harassments. When I heard the comment, I strongly felt it is to the point about this damage. I am not good at express my emotion but I also said that when I hold my baby 3 weeks old and I feel electromagnetic wave, my baby must start to cry. I really do not write down about my family because they involve in my family so easily. So I do not write down anymore. I think it is important that expressing our honest feeling.

And this is a thread comment that I received before I proceeded above plan.

I am a victim of gang stalking, so I receive harassments many times every day. And I have a another private blog which is diary and I write down of these harassments. Yesterday, I received this comment in my another private blog. What do you think??

Title: Ignore everything

Nice to meet you. I am a member of SOUKA GAKKAI, which is one of big religion in JAPAN, nowadays this institute obey members to force me corner that they try me to commit suicide or mental disease. Be careful when you go out! In addition, you shold not write down about the relationship between this institute and mafia.

You should be careful your life. There are a lot of things which you should not know. The government, mafia and this institute, which read my mind, have big power beyond reach of your imagination.

They will not stop to do harassments even if they receive mind reading and kept watch. Please not get too deeply involve in this matter. It is meaningless that you fight against this religion. I do not understand. Do not get involve any more. Otherwise, you will be aimed by NSA.

That is all. Of course, I should ignore this comment. However, I got my baby 10 days ago. So I feel really bad. This is complete threat comment. What’s more, I receive threat mind transmitting (V2K) related to my family when I read this comment.

I feel really bad. If I will stop to write down dairy, please think that I will be die. However, I need to proceed more. I can not contact with my friend, who is also victim of gang stalking. Maybe she get mad at me or also receive the threat comment like this.

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