So far I heard from other victims of gang stalking many times that almost everyone not only men but also women say to face with honeytrap several times. I faced with honeytrap many times before but I have never cheated on my wife for four and half years. However, especially, I faced with honeytrap when I really suffered from the after effect of brain bleeding.

Our common opinion is that we got to know most woman by honeytrap who are a member of SOUKA GAKKAI or Korean Japanese. I had girl friend for three years when I was university student. I was vice president of boxing club and she was a manager of the club.

To tell the truth, I have not remember about her over ten years but I would like to make you know the truth that you might make misunderstanding about me. I met her almost every day. In short, we got on the same train and belonged the same club. What is more we had very good relationship.

However, I was hospitalized because I had brain bleeding during practice of boxing. So I could not speak at all. Although this injure, I continued to do boxing in university. So my condition of brain became really bad which is called punch drunker.

Usually, my consensus often lost and my memories did not work which I forgot any things within three minutes. However, sometimes these symptoms disappeared and my brain rarely worked well. I said to her since before some times that we would break up when my brain became bad because it is my responsibility.

Also I had been kept watched on by members of SOUKA GAKKAI which is pointed out as cult religion by several countries such as France, Austria, Chili and others. They started to do harassments when my brain regularly became bad at the end of third grade of university. They seemed to wait for the right moment when my brain did not work and my ability of judge anything became really bad. There are some people who take care of my brain.

However, since that time, some people, who tried to trap me, appeared to me. On the other hand, other people, whom I got along with, tried to keep away from me. Probably, assailant started to spread lies about me that I entered into University by selling backdoor admission and so on. So they also started to keep watch on me by bugging, secret filming, hacking and others.

In addition, I was asked to belong to one circle although I was four grade of university. I went to join the circle once. However, I know it after join that the circle is managed by one religion. The atmosphere was really strange.

Moreover, I met my girl friend almost every day but her contact suddenly lost at that time. What is more, her family also became cold to me although they had been very kind for me before. However, there was a reason why they suddenly became cold to me.

One reason is that assailant kept watching on me and implied many things, which they caught by secret filming, including sex and privacy. Also another reason is that I had an car accident on the way to boxing gym. It was that the car, which was driven the assailant, came to me with high speed and hit the side mirror to me. After that, the car stopped once and escaped from me. Of course, the side mirror became fragment. If I proceed a little bit more, I might be die. She closely saw this accident and then she seemed to strongly feel scared.

And then, assailant started to try many trap to me include forcing me into isolation. In one of many trap, assailant asked me to go drinking. We got to know one girl at that time. I did not know that she was Korean Japanese.

Also it was over ten years ago, so I was not conscious about Korean Japanese at that time. In addition, I thought she was Japanese for some months from getting to know. Of course, she has Japanese name. It was just trap that we became boy friend and girl friend.

Although I liked my girl friend, I became close to her in order for I would like to cover my sorrow because my girl friend suddenly became cold and I suddenly became isolation and I was annoying that my brain did not work very well. However, I actually did not have any hatred to this Korean Japanese and I did not think that she was bad person.

However, I basically dislike Korean Japanese. I really feel mortifying that not only I was trapped cowardly but also I was aimed when I had the after effect of brain bleeding. I keep along with her about two years. She also noticed that my brain was really bad and her left me.

Now I do not remember both of girl friend in boxing club and Korean Japanese at all because I experience a lot of bad things after that. However, I remember only one thing that I was trapped cowardly by Korean Japanese. Additionally, I got along with previous girl friend for about five years. However, she was also involved in the gang stalking. That is why we broke up although I do not remember her at all.

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