I was danger to be killed

So far, I have some experiences that I was danger to be killed because of gang stalking damages. I introduce it in other article that I was coiled around by mafias. I think that it is not necessary to do like this in order to hold down me.

I felt scare the most when I drive auto bike, big truck applied me pressure to the guardrail. Both of my shoulder might touch a little the truck and guardrail. Many other victims also faced to be killed by truck. I shudder even now when I remember it. By the way, my mother had big injures and was hospitalized hit by truck. So now she always used a crutch.

I introduce it in honey trap though. When I crossed the road, the car came to me with high speed. Its side mirror hit to me and then the car escaped from me. The side mirror became fragments. My friend, who is with me at that time, felt complete scared and started to keep away from me. In that time, I also faced with the danger to be killed.

In addition, the brake of auto bike was often cut by assailant. When the main brake was cut, I tried to stop the bike by score and hit the wall. Moreover, when I drive bicycle and tried to cross the bridge at the night time, the bridge was under construction. The centre of the bridge swells. I thought it is straight road because guard did not say at all.

However, the road had a sharp curve after the swell part although I could not notice until arrival there. Both of me and oncoming cars can not see each other. I was waiting for a while. I tried u turn and went back to start point of bridge.

In that time, I lost temper to the guard. But if I proceed to the bridge, I might face with dangerous. By the way, some guard companies were managed by SOUKA GAKKAI. So there were a lot of assailant as guard in Japan. So far I can remember these things but I must face with other dangerous things.

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