Pressure from mafia

The damages of gang stalking are changing through a long time not only for me but also other victims. The main damages about twenty years ago was spreading lie or keeping watch on me. But now it is used by high technology. These harassments have been escalating when I took any action against to assailants.

So far, I get twisted by mafia three times. Firstly, when I was with former girl friend, I got twisted by a man who had tattoo in all his upper body. Ordinal Japanese do not have tattoo but mafia like to have tattoo. In that time, I bet I did not keep heavily watched on like now. I hit him many times and his face was cut a few part.

The mafia said that I must catch you and bring you to our place. After that time, he and his companion was seeking me about for one month when I went near place and watched. I cut my hair very short before my hair was a little bit long and shaved my mustache. In that time, watching was not strict more than now.

Next, I got twisted in the train. This is complete part of gang stalking. This is because when I go to beauty shop, I must receive any harassment. It was the way home from beauty shop. In that time, I did not receive harassments in the shop very much. by the way, if I decide one beauty shop, I must receive harassments so I always enter the first shop in Japan.

On the way to home, one man, who looks like mafia, got on the train. And then he stared at me. I did not understand at all. Of course, I know that if I take action against mafia, I would be very dangerous. So I ignore him but he was getting closer to me when he tried to get off. I tried to trip him up with his leg. He stared at me again I ignore again.

Finally, I really did not understand at all why I got twisted. It was not related to any thing. If there is a reason that I am victim of gang stalking. When I was walking, I got twisted. He suddenly lost temper to me so I also lost temper a little. And I thought I should fight to him but his attitude and his face was really crazy that he seems to be using any drug. I left from him.

After that, he shouted that I will not allow you to live around here. After that I knew that there is mafia place around there so I think it was good to leave although I feel a little bit angry.

When I talk or write down about mafia story, assailants dislike this. This is because they want to repress me by no violence. But it is true. So they always tend to cheat the violence. At last, I would like to excuse that if I am not victim of gang stalking, I would be just peaceful normal person.

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