The relationship between Money and Gnag stalking

※This article is including my imagination in True Man Show, but it is not too different from truth.

We victims are wondering when the gang stalking will finish. Actually I do not image when the gang stalking will finish. So it is said that this harassments is much related to money. Moreover, the victim of mind control like me is used to rat of experience.

The patrol car of civil company is often driving around my house before. Of course, it aims to me. In addition, the bicycle, which is attached the billboard shows under patrol, was often driving around me. It seemed to keep watch on me. The patrol car as well as patrol bicycle got a lot of money by tax. They made me to be dangerous person.

There are a lot of people who tries to make me to be dangerous person. They spread lies about me among my community which names “COINTELPRO”. These people must be around me wherever I am such as school, work place, neighbor hood and so on. One people came to Tokyo for doing harassments to me from Miyagi where is too far from Tokyo.

of course, he receive money by doing harassments. Also there are a lot of people in 2CH and Mixi which is SNS in Japan. They also receive money by keep watch on some victims and write down bad things to victims. For example, when we victims write down about gang stalking, they must write down that you must be mental disease and it must be you persecution complex. You should go mental hospital.

In addition, the casters always imply about victims on the television. They can receive 50000yen (600AUD) per once. There are a lot of car and pedestrians who keep watch on me. One pedestroan came from Gunma and one car came from KANSAI area which is too far it takes 8 hours to Tokyo.

These people of course can receive money to watch. Moreover, there are a lot of bogus victims who enter into relationship between victims and victims’ institution. When one victim tries to take action against assailant such as SOUKA GAKKAI, bogus victims must say it useless and spread the victim as bogus or other bad things. So bogus victims must destroy these actions and relationship between victims.

Also there must be bogus victim in the victims’ institute and must interfere. They must receive much money and sophisticated people.

They might be obeyed from any institute. So if one victim say he is bogus victim, other bogus victim protect the person. As above show, a lot of people receive money by doing harassments.

So if the gang stalking finished, a lot of people will be in trouble. So these rubbish people need to interfere to finish. This is because it is very easy to earn money. At first, the gang stalking was used by U.S. government by hold down a person who is inconvenience person.

If the gang stalking will reveal, some NPO, some religions, detective companies will go collapse and many people will be out of job. In addition, many hospitals, a chamber of commerce and police especially SEILATU ANZEN department will be really in trouble. So they have to interfere.

There might be sponsor to me because my damage look like TRUE MAN SHOW damage means keeping watch on all day long. That is why assailant control my brain to be attracted to sponsors’ items and they try to make me wear, eat and go the sponsors’ items or place. Some victims including me say that when I am interested in one item and then this item would be catching on.

So I used to go often some shops which is managed by SOUKA GAKKAI. But now I must not go to there. Furthermore, it is not interesting that I spend ordinal life. They tried to do many harassments and trap to me. So they mush enjoy to watch my reaction. It is said that there is TV program which is watched by only assailant, rich people and member of cult religion.

One Indian people watched the laptop PC in front of my house when I lived in before. The screen of laptop seemed to show my room. In my case, I bed many people can watch on me. If these people pay money to watch, money also arises.

I feel really wired and want to say fuck. I strongly want to make finish this damage. It must have been interesting because I used to have the after effect of brain bleeding and I could not spend ordinal life. In addition, I was hated by powerful people and cult religion member so I was made to TRUE MAN SHOW victim.

I am convinced that assailant aimed to me when I had the after effect of brain bleeding. In that time, they must have enjoyed. It was difficult to know the gang stalking. Moreover, the sponsor dislike that I go abroad during the valid period of sponsor.

They must want to receive money by many people are related to me. Even when I was in Australia, one member of SOUKA GAKKAI came here to do harassment. He was also cowardly that he entered into my wife’s class.

So many assailants need to work by doing harassments until target will be death. When one victim die, after that they will make new victim. Many victims are took insurance by cult religion.

This method of choose victim is not complex. When the powerful people or member of SOUKA GAKKAI hates one people, the person will be victim since then. After that they start to spread a lie about him, keep watch on and so on.

People and institution firstly must be deceived by assailant and might join to do harassment with light feeling. But there are very powerful people in the back so they might not come off.

Recently, there is the trend that all blames are forced into SOUKA GAKKAI. It is true that SOUKA GAKKAI is the worst institution but other people and institution also must join this.

This article is a small part of gang stalking. There must be the system which takes advantage of people who want to conquer and have grudge to Japan such as Korean Japanese, SOUKA GAKKAI and others. They also can get money and get victims of harassments.

This must be also including the experiment to administrate people as slave and using high technology. When I write down this article, I had heart pain.

I would like to say one thing that assailant can get much money by doing harassments such as keeping watch on me on the other hand I lost over 10000000 yen ( 100000AUD). For example, I pay 3000AUS to change my teeth from metal teeth to ceramic in order to copy with mind reading.

Also I took CT of my brain in order to find implant which cost 600AUD. I bought some items for protect from electromagnetic wave attack which cost over 400AUD. I went to Philippine in order to escape from harassments. It costs 7000AUD which is including rent and tuition fee for two months. I went back to Japan only 5days because of abnormal harassments in spite of taking only 4 hours lesson.

I went to qualification school but I also received harassments and quit. It costs total over 10000AUD. Apart from these things, I sometimes got hosed such as I lost about 100AUD in foreign exchange and in beauty shops as well. In bank I also got hosed over 300AUD as administration fee.

In addition, I failed some subjects in university which I do not accept a situation. I made some items in order to spread the damage of gang stalking such as flier, T-shirt and others which costs over 90AUD. My auto bike and bicycle was broken by assailant and total of repair bill is over 130AUD. Furthermore when I had my own company, assailant spread a lie about me and gave pressure to my customers and then my contract was canceled. These loss must be over 120000AUD.

My company was best sells company in my prefecture and business performance keep surplus whole period. But I decided to close down it because of abnormal harassments. There are a lot of people who can get money by doing harassments to me. On the other hand, I so far lost much money.

Moreover, I escaped from Tokyo to some place such as Aich prefecture, Gunma prefecture, Philippine, and not Australia. Also when I worked in some place and I must receive harassments. In one company, president did not pay salary to me and I went to law. In addition, they regularly start to do harassments when I really suffer from the after effect of brain bleeding. I often receive threat message which shows gang or mafia’s name. So I often had mental pain.

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