A lawsuit of unpaid saraly

I worked in the company in the same industry of my own company before I found the company. The president was really cowardly and I received a lot of harassments. However this is just a part of gang stalking harassments.

Although I worked in this company for one year, I had never met other worker except for the president. This company is complete commission system so I can work alone. However, it is strange that I had never met other worker.

Also I was not learnt how to work from the president. Working this kind of job was my first time so I needed to learn and asked sometimes the way to work with the president. But he always says different methods. If I follow him and made mistake, he began to get angry.

He did not send commodity goods but he often sent some things to my house which became profit to only his company although I said I did not need and he ordered me to allocate them.

He did not need to call my customers but he called to them and said disadvantage of our contract. So over one-third of my contracts were cancelled.

Moreover, when my customer call to his company, he secretly got the contract without inform to me. Sometimes my customers inform to me that they already send fax of contract or call to the company. In that case, I asked the president, did you receive a call from my customer because my customer said so.

He answered yes and he inform to me about my another customer. This means that he received the contract from my another customer without inform me. And I ask again, did you receive other customer. He answered to me about other customer who is also different from above two customers.

I said him that please show me the record of all customers’ contract. But he said he could not do because of strict law. I thought it was not matter though. He often called me with drank.

He said that he would pay salary within 3days from contract. However, he did not pay salary even pass one month. For the last period, he did not pay salary at all.I said him to pay salary. However, he got angry. After that, he did not receive the call from me.

In addition, when I call him, he always said that he was very busy now. However, my salary was complete commission system. So I could not pay transportation expense, office expense and so on if I did not get salary. I explained this situation but I did not pay at all.

After I said that I would quit work, he did not pay salary over half year. So I took legal action. However, although I am the plaintiff, the judge took prejudice attitude to me. This is natural in Japan because I am a victim of gang stalking.In the trail, he made believe serious person which seems to take advantage of this situation.

So I said everything what he did and overturn what he said because I lost temper. I knew I should not get angry in the trial and should not take action like this.

However, even if I get angry, the clever judge can understand all situation when I talked logically. So the judge order the president should pay all salary what I demand. Actually, I wanted to get salary what he crushed my contract but my demand was not including my petition so the judge refuse and said I need again.


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