Harassment for my own company

I will write down about harassments as much as I can remember when I had my own company. At first, I move to the place where I founded the company. The assailant spread a lie about me very much around that office. For example, when I went to sell the item at the place near to my office, I got the contract by the apartment owner who might not hear my rumor. But after that, I received a call from relatives of owner, who must hear my rumor of lie, said that he want to cancel the contract. For the first period, these situation are many times.

In addition, I could not get money from parent company in regular time so it was difficult to manage money at the first period. Moreover, the palace where I plan to visit for sell, were distributed by sells flier very much. This flier shows cash back service of much money which was impossible for my small company because of very expensive.

To tell the truth, my company and that company sell same product so if I get customer, I need to make more effort. It was really difficult situation. Ordinal company can get the information of customers from parent company but I did not get at all. That is why I needed to search customers by myself and pay my own money.

The total amount of money in two years is over 600000yen (7500AUD). However, the assailant spread a lie that I got the information by illegal company. Although I have never gotten the administration bill by owners, they also spread a lie that I try to get administration bill of much money from owners.

By the way, I am really grateful that I became top sells person in some companies before. However, they also spread a lie that I was getting contract by using underhanded methods. I feel pride that I hardly have complain caused by me from customers much more than sells performance. I said this many times since before.

Moreover, parent company said to me that you must not get contract from customer whom we could not get before. Also the parent company stopped to construct to my customers and the most customers over one hundreds were waiting construct over half year although usual situation could finish with two months. Of course, I receive complain call at least three times every day.

Furthermore, during this period, the parent company said to me that contract form changed so you should get contract with new form. If I go to owner to get new contract, they who are waiting for a long time, must cancel. But the parent company said it to me many times, so I went or called owners and get new form. Additionally I often receive junk fax many times from assailant including the parent company. In that time, I already decided to close down the company so I send these contracts via fax to the parent company every morning. It must have took two or three hours. They said to me that please stop it one week later and then I finished.

Moreover, a few customers were members of SOUKA GAKKAI. Of course, I did not know who was member. Especially, the member of SOUKA GAKKAI tends to keep secret of members in Japan. But when I went to one customer, there are a lot of items related to SOUKA in his house so I could know. However, I actually do not think he is bad person although I really dislike SOUKA. Of course, I tried to be fair to the members as well. However, he must be received pressure which I could realize and call me to say useless words.

Moreover, I introduce other article that I went to fight to other company because I receive useless complain. Also when I did sells call to one company and promise to get contract and then I went to the company, the person in charge must not be in the promise time. They also receive pressure from assailant especially I could not get contract from the customer in company because the company can receive so easy pressure although I realize the customer wants to use the items.

I used auto bike or bicycle for selling. When I had appointment of customer at early morning, its tire got often flatter when I try to ride in the morning. The bike’s saddle was cut and brake was cut some times. My mail was stolen many times and mail box was broken. Moreover, when I had appointment in early morning, I was interfered to sleep previous night.

The member of SOUKA was in the upper room of my room. They always make noise not only night but also morning. Of course, my brain was read so if I had any plan to sell, they must have interfered to me for the last period.

When I employ the officer, she suddenly quit job with doing mischief for the document. It was quite unnatural. I notice that next officer seemed to interfere the job, so I lay off during the test period. Moreover, when I tried to get inventory, I could not get in time at all many times although the supply said to buy it.

I received many prank to my free call especially midnight from whole Japan who might be member of SOUKA. So far I can remember the harassments that is all.

I had continued to work while I was danger to lose temper every day especially last period. However, I tried to make smile anytime although I get angry. So I might have become to be bad express my emotion.

I think it is quite natural that I do not want to work in Japan any more. I decided to close down my company although my company was the best sells company in the prefecture. I might have endured harassments of low technology. But I could not endure harassments used by high technology such as mind reading, mind control, electromagnetic wave and so on.
At last, I have to say one thing that the reason of succeed of my company is that owners are very mature who can judge everything by themselves and had standard of judge. I am very grateful for them even now.

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