Implant of mind reading

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The victims of gang stalking must know this picture that the implant is into the metal teeth and transmit the voice through the bone to outside. I said since a long time ago.

I am damaged not only mind reading but mind control and other high technology harassments. I heard it from other victim that you might escape from mind reading by changing metal teeth into ceramic teeth.

That is why I planed to change 14 of my metal teeth into the ceramic when I came back to Japan last time. To tell the truth, changing teeth is too difficult to change because of expensive. However, I was really suffering from mind reading, mind control and other harassments so I decided to do.

The cost is over 400000yen (over 5000AUD). At first, the right side was changed and then its plan would change left side.

Of course, the mind reading did not finish at all when right side was finished. And then all left side was pulled and temporary teeth embed into there. So there were not metal teeth in my mouth in that time.

However, mind reading and mind control did not finish at all. Of course, I said to the dentist about IC tip or implant.

After one week of changing teeth, the damage did not finish so I said to the dentist that I would like to quite changing left side because it is expensive. That is why I quite to change mental into ceramic but I changed mental into new mental that it is really meaningless.

As a result, all of my teeth in right side are white teeth because the seven of my teeth in right side are changed but the seven of my teeth in left side are metallic. So my teeth are very bad balance. The total cost is about 250000yen (about 3000AUD) that it looks like to throw away money. This money I earned while I received abnormal harassments.

It is tooth at right side which are white and 7tooth are metaric tooh at left side.


Totally, the loss cause by the damage of gang stalking cost over 10000000yen (over 120,000AUD). By the way, the implant might embed into my body.

The URL below is named after American government torture. This web-page introduces the picture that implant embedded into the ear. I felt itchy in the back of my ear about one year ago. So the implant might embed into my ear. Because I took my ears picture below. There are two scar at only left ear which seems to be sewed.

Site ⇒ http://www.us-government-torture.com/SECRETANGEL.TV.html

It is right ear which is normal.

Theare seem to be two parts which was sewed up. I always hear noise from this ear.


It was too difficult to take the picture by myself. Teeth in right side are white and in seven of left side are metallic.

Also I got other picture from other victim.One possible is that assailants mix the implant with foods. When I eat it, the implant will stop in out brain. So I took the CT before I left the Japan. Above picture is example of the implant embedded into the brain.

Second and third pictures are my brain picture. I believe that the implant is not in my brain. Its cost was 50000yen (about 630AUD). In addition, I bought the device which transmits electromagnetic wave and interferes the mind reading. But It was useless in spite of 30000yen (about 400AUD). I am really suffering from mind reading, mind control and other attacks.

This is the picture that the implant is embeded into the brain.

These are my brains' pictures.



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