Australia life related to gang stalking

I lived in Australia for about one year from April 2009 to April 2010. (now I came back to Australia again) I really like Australia life better than Japan although I also like Japan. There are a lot of beautiful nature, friendly and individualist people. However, I received damages of gang stalking. So I came back for one year.

First of all, I rent a house by intermediating real estate company which are managed by Australian husband and Japanese wife. At first, I felt ease to contact with Japanese staff. In real, I and my wife are taken care of by them very much. So we are grateful for them. However, the wife seemed to help to assailant.

Our room was one of hotel room but we changed room three times in the hotel because of their favor. In Japan, usually the period of renewal is two years but in Australia is half year.

In addition, I heard it is automatic renewal but she said to me that you should go out from this room passed half year we started to live in there. However, we did not hear at all even when we paid rent. So we did not have a room at that time but she said if you want to live, you can change a little bit more expensive room. If you do so, you can live there only two months.

We had to assent this because we did not have time to find other room. As I write down after, I got hosed many times. Also I changed a room before that time because of her favor. This rooms rent is same as previous but small. Moreover, the room has garlic smell every weekend even I use fan as well.

I can stand the smell but my wife is sensitive so she was suffering. What is more, after she became pregnant so she was really suffering from the smell. When I open the drawer of kitchen, there are a lot of cockroach death.

In addition, the hotel rings a emergency bell at midnight some times. After the day, the building of my English language school also ring emergency bell. I do not think this is by accident.

I think this Japanese lady went too far to do harassments. So I often lost temper for her for the last time. However, they brought us to fishing and jazz concert in casino. So we are grateful for them especially for husband.

I went to English language school for about three months. The school teacher and students heard a rumor about me as very bad person. Moreover, when I got on the bus, the person threw a stone for the bus and the window was broken because it must I was in there.

Although my wife also went to the same language school, the rumor spread among students and teachers that I aim to other lady which is really crazy. Moreover, on the course of period, the member of SOUKA GAKKAI came to the school in order to do harassment for me. The member enters my wife’s class. This is also coward and gloomy. And he sometimes stair at me and laugh at me from long distance me with some friends.

The common sense is that they try to do harassment when I must be with my wife. When my wife absent from school, I did expectoration for him and friend. To tell the truth, I wanted to punch him.

When I was in prior to one week of examination, many young people stayed in the next room. They always put on the music with very big volume from 8a.m. to 12a.m. I stayed at room and study almost all week long but they did not stop music only once during period. As I say sometimes, when I take IELTS, the construction must carry out in front of my house prior to one week and this carried out all night long the previous day of exam. It was the same as in Japan that the young people moved out next day when my exam finished.

In addition, I share a room with Australian for three months after my wife went back to Japan because of pregnant. I am really grateful for him. This is because he open the party for us the last day when I left.

However, he also seemed to help assailant. He sometimes sang a song with large voice not only midnight but also early morning.

What is more, this song looks like evil song or weird song. Sometimes he sang this song at 3a.m.
My room was first floor. When I studied in my room, he and other three persons started to sing in grand floor. I was danger to lose temper and bring bottle of wine to grand floor.

In that time, I might think to fight, but he looks apologetic face so I think he also received any pressure. That is why I stop to lose temper and went out. When I came back to my room, they are not there and his girl friend gave me a letter and chocolates.

We did not touch this after that and song also finished. I am really grateful for him and I do not mind anymore.

As I write before, I often got hosed here. Assailant seems to force me into poor. Although I pay all tuition fee and living expense by myself, they spread a lie that my parents pay them.

I did not know even how to pay bus bill, so the drivers tried to get hosed me with more money. When I went to beauty shop, they also got hosed tome with plus 5 dollars. For example, they said your hair was long so you need to pay more and today is Sunday so you need to pay more. What is worse, when I went to Jupiter casino to exchange money, they got hosed me. I lost 100AUD. I realized it after I calculated.

When I took the exam, the examiner stand and stare at me in front of me, I fly the bird. When I got angry to one Chinese student, I threw a junk to them.

Moreover, I failed some subjects although I could get enough score. Furthermore, I received electromagnetic wave, mind reading, mind control and other harassments by using high technology.

However, I hope to continue to stay in Australia because most people do not do gloomy harassments. Of course, ordinal Japanese do not do these harassments as well but there are a lot of member of SOUKA GAKKA which are mainly managed by Korean Japanese.

I also heard that these harassments are decreasing recently in Japan as well. But few cult religion member are in Australia. So I strongly hope to get job here and continue to stay here.


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