Interruption going to Australia

Now I am in Australia. I faced with a lot of interruption in Japan when I came to here. At first, I needed to get moderate score of IELTS exam for entering post graduate in Australia.

I planned to leave Japan and then started to study English. So my English was really poor. Therefore I needed to study English very hard to get score but I always received electromagnetic wave attack, mind control, mind reading and other harassments while I studied. I did not study very much.

Even now, I also receive these harassments during study. In that time, I often could not open eyes because of electromagnetic wave. In addition, I could not concentrate to study because of mind control. The people, who live in upper floor of my room and member of SOUKA GAKKAI, make noise by hitting floor many times every day.

Moreover, I took IELTS three times. All three times, the construction carried out in front of my house one week prior to the exam day. And it carried out all night long previous day of exam. I took exam with lack of sleep. Once, I forgot to bring passport and I could not take exam.

You must think that it is just forgettable which cause me. But I believe that this is caused by mind control and electromagnetic wave attack. Actually, I thought that I needed to bring something to exam previous day of exam. However, when I think so, I receive heavy electromagnetic wave and then my brain and body lost power. I could not confirm although I wanted to confirm it.

In that day, I could not do anything and I just sat down the chair and almost lost consciousness while I receive electromagnetic wave. When I took interview exam in IELTS, I asked may private questions such as why you do not get married, how do you think about religion, and so on. I could not accept the assessment of score.

Of course, I know my English is poor but the assessment was very strange. As a result, I could enter English language school for 15 weeks and then enter post graduate university.

Before I left Japan, I contact with intermediate company many times. Although last company work well, many companies did not work very well. So I just wasted much time. For example, I gave some information to the company and contact many times, but suddenly I could not contact to it. Another company introduced me not good condition.

I thought that I escaped from Japan and crazy harassments as soon as possible. When I contact with embassy, they also did not answer correctly and pass my call to other section very much. I could not know when I could get student visa and wasted time.

Additionally, I had the blog which was written about going abroad. There are a lot of fake information which assailants wrote down in my blog. Also my favorite web page, which I check frequently, shows a lot of fake information. Before I left Japan, I had a lot of fake information.

After I left Japan, I received electromagnetic wave attack, mind control, mind reading, rumor harassments, and other harassments very much for the first half year. Other victims of gang stalking, who escaped from Japan, also say that assailant aim to kill me. I also felt it in that time.

I receive mind control and voice of committing suicide every day. Assailant must think that if I do not stay Japan, they try to kill me. So I was really tired out to escape from Japan.

However, assailants think to make me back to Japan even now. They often send message to me that I needed to came back Japan and Japan is good for me. In addition, I much be asked when you came back to Japan.

I receive electromagnetic wave, mind control, mind reading ultra sonic and other harassments even when I take the class. Therefore I can not study at all in the class. I failed some subjects which I had confidence to pass. This means that they tries to make me back to Japan and they want to keep watch on me closely.

I do not dislike Japan and Japanese, but I do not want to live in Japan and dislike current Japan which is almost conquered by crazy person.


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