Harassment for my own company2

This article was also written down long years ago. This is one of many harassments of gang stalking for my own company.

My work is sales of the internet deices which attach to the apartment so residents, who live in this apartment, can use internet. My sales targets are mainly apartment owner but sometimes real estate company.

At first, I found the company in the place where I did not know geographical features at all because I went there at first time. However, I knew how to sell this device.

I contract with one new apartment owner who trusted to me because I contracted some apartments before. Although I comply with the owner directly, the construct company sometimes made complaint to me.

Actually, there was not any reason about complaint. The one day, the construct company said to me that why you did not inform to me the construct planning. I replied that I informed to the owner directly so it does not matter. However, the construct company did not assent and continue to complaint to me.

I did not understand so I said that I will go to the your office right now. This means that I will intend to fight to you. So he replied to me that I wait you and come here soon. I went to there at soon in order to fight.

At first, we are shouting each other and claim our right. However, their behavior looks not want to fight. So I noticed that they also received any pressure from assailant of gang stalking.

Therefore, I was shouting but I did not fight against them. So we noticed that the harassments does not cause to opponents. We had some experiences like this during having my own company.


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