This is gang stalking in Japan

One of Japanese victim of gang stalking was danger to be killed which shows below.

He went to the police office and report it but polices tried to conceal this affair. Many

victims were already killed and faced with danger like this. The number of

committing suicide is over 30,000 and report of disappearance is over 80,000

every year since 1998. Do you think they really killed themselves and disappear?

I can not think so at all. You will understand everything after watching video.

One of victim of gang

stalking was abducted by assailants when he was in his room.

One of victim of gang

stalking was danger to be killed

This video shows typically stalking for

victims although victim claim not to stalk.

We victims always receive these


Japanese police supports assailants to do harassments for victims of gang stalking. Many

victims reported the damage of gang stalking for the police office however,

they do not deal with our report at all. This is because the police office have

the specific department to deal with gang stalking. Most of members in this

department are composed of cult religion members. This video shows one police press

his policemen’s notebook against the victim’s dace with threating.

Many Japanese victims think that the gang stalking is the mean to conquer Japan.

This is because most of assailants of gang stalking are the member of cult religion and Korean

Japanese. The founder of this cult religion is also Korean Japanese. Can you

guess which country is wirepuller of them? Is it Korea, China, or U.S.? Or Korean

Japanese implement gang stalking by themselves?

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