I would like to reveal the lie

This article just reveals the lie. So this might be not interesting.

But I am glad you know the truth by reading this article.

I received much harassment

wherever I travel such as Philippines, Hong-Kong, and internal Japan.

I bet they lied and exaggerated about me for inhabitants and others.

And wherever I moved and worked for, the same situation happened..

They lied that I belong to any cult religion or other group like that.

But I have never belonged to any religion or other group.

I do not deny the religion because I know most religion is good for our mind.

And they lie that I frequently ask lady out,

but I have never cheated on my wife over four years.

They lied that I was supported money to enter the university and living expense by other.

But I have paied all tuition fee and living expense by myself.

My parent sometimes gave me money although I refused it.

But this amount is really small compare to total money which I already paid.

Also when my parent gave me money, they aim to appeal that I am supported by them or any trap.

They lie I am not fair to disorder person. But I strongly deny it.

I have denied many times since before. And I really suffered from brain bleed.

On the other hand, they often said me linguistic disorder.

Some people, who do harassments to me, might worry not to get money if I deny a lie.

So this is public business in Japan and many people get money by doing harassments.

I became top sales in some companies and they say that I use dirty method to sale.

But I received little complaint in company.

I have said many times that I pride it more than the result of sales.

I have been kept watch on by the cult, can I use dirty method for work or cheat on my wife.

They do want to make me return to Japan.

Because it is easy to do harassments and keep watch on me.

When I suffered from the after effect of brain bleed,

I said many times, would you stop to do harassments because I suffered from it.

But they regularly started to do harassment when I mostly suffered from it.

And they trapped me by using much method.

In that time, I was betrayed so easily

and they could have persuaded other person that I am foolish.

I was said to kill by using cooking knife in those day.

But now I recovered, please kill me by using knife if you want to do.

Recently they seem to say that I must have grudge and get even to everyone.

But I have received much harassment for long time.

I know it is not meaning and no use.

Of course, I sometimes lose my temper because of gloomy harassments.

But I do not think to get even. Above all I would like to escape from harassments.

I have never said bad things about any religion except for Soukagakkai.

They also lie that I had bought my way into the university.

I made an effort very much and I passed the entrance exam of some universities.

And I can not do something like hacker.

They spread my idea by mind reading for many person including a lot of lie and exaggeration.

So I shrink to think everything and take an action.

They often asked me why you do not get married. It means that they want to say that I want to play more.

However, I denied to get married for a long time, because I have received this harassment

and I thought that my wife must have be involved in this situation.

They often asked me when will you get married although they know my thinking.

They hoped that I have wife and child because they can take advantage of my weak position.

I got married to my wife although I have a lot of anxiety because I have a good relationship.

However, they do harassments related to my wife as I thought before.

As a result, no matter whatever I do and say.

They invested much money in this system; harassment.

They have to return money however they lie and do harassment.

I know this mind reading device costs about 231 million yen or 3 million AU dollars.

Moreover they paid much money except for this device, too.

They always get money to make imaginary enemy or bad person.


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