The after effect of brain bleed

I used to do boxing when I was high school and university.

I was hospitalized when I could not speak anything after practice boxing.

Next day I went to hospital and took CT, doctor told me that you had to be hospitalized because of brain bleeding.

The worst suffering of my symptom of after effect is

that I did not think very much what I wanted to think

My brain did not work at all when I was junior and senior in university.

In that time, I took many job interviews in order to enter the company.

Moreover, I suffered that I often lost consciousness.

I intended to spend ordinary live,

but my brain stopped to work for a few or more seconds.

when I had conversation, It was often happened that the topics changed without I notice.

And I worked as sales person. So I had to drive a car.

I suffered from I tried not to lost consciousness.

But I ignored the traffic light many times without I noticed.

What’s more, I made a car hit to the wall many times.

And my ears have become weak. My fingers did not work very well.

I did not write down because my fingers shook.

And I forgot anything, what I remember, within three minutes.

I sometimes forgot even that I was punch drunker.

It was much worse that I drunk alcohol in order to escape from the situation.

Moreover I do not want to say that I often let leak.

I felt uneasy to live anytime.

It takes about twenty years since then.

I was dismissed three companies in the first two and half years

after graduate university.

I think it can not help it because I did not work and live ordinally life very well.

But I worked as sales person after recovered my brain because I felt regrettable.

And I became top sales person in four companies and had my own company.

It is just excuse. I want to reveal that now I am not foolish anymore.

But I have received much gloomy harassment since then.

My company must sale the most in the prefecture

but I closed down because of harassments.

And I must have lost money over ten million yen or hundred thousand Au dollars because of the harassments.

A certificate for boxing tournament I got the first prize in kanto state in student.


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