Philippines first day

I was asked to drink by school tutor when I arrived at Philippines first day.

I was tired because of long trip,

but I thought I should go because he especially called for me.

But the place, where he took me, was not ordinary bar.

There is stage in the centre of restaurant and some ladies are dancing on that.

Men customers looked ladies around it and drink alcohol.

He points out the number of lady if he likes her.

And then he drinks with lady and he takes her to hotel by paying 1700 peso.

It is prostitution shop so to speak.

I went to the shop with school tutor and three persons.

I was said to point out lady many times by these person.

But I strongly denied pointing out.

And then, we changed the shop.

But next shop is also prostitution shop.

The next shop is the same as previous shop that lady is dancing on the stage.

But these ladies are naked over wear and tempted men.

I was persuaded to point out many times in the shop.

But I do not mean to come there to hold ladies.

I refused and said that I was satisfied with looking only

because I was beginner and please you enjoy.

Actually, I was not attracted to it and I felt disappointed

because I was taken to the place like that.

And I was taken some pictures in the shop

because it will be evidence I come the shop like this.

Next, we went to “the dance and bar”.

I was said to ask ladies out many times by tutor

and he said it is easy to ask Philippines out despite my refusing.

In that time, I was very tired of it and exhausted.

I was often hit by strangers, who may be friends of tutor and others, behind my back.

After that, I could at last go room at 3:30a.m.

If I got drunk, I must have been left alone by them

where I did not know place at all and I did not know how to use taxi.

So I made an effort not to get drunk despite drinking much alcohol.

Although they forcibly bring me to prostitution shop,

the cult lied that I went to Philippines to visit this shop after I return Japan.

To be continue second day


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