Mind Control

I found one interesting American web-site from gang stalker victim's blog
who is my friend. This web-site is back up my damages which I have said all
harassments methods of gang stalking. If you want to know mind reading,
mind control, brainwash and so on, please you watch this web-page. However,
you might be happy when you do not know this truth better than you know.
There are some powerful persons who aim to control all people like slave
or animal. So you will know this fact in the near future.
And in America, the case was decided in favor of the victims of mind control
on december 2008. Moreover, the law of ban on electromagnetic wave attack
through the satellite submitted to the Upper House in America.

This is web-site: http://www.theforbiddenknowledge.com/hardtruth/satellite_surveillance.htm

Court to Defendant URL:http://www.wired.com/dangerroom/2009/07/court-to-defendant-stop-blasting-that-mans-mind/

The law ban on electromagnetic wave: http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/query/z?c107:H.R.2977:

This is mind transmitting device called V2K.

This is the site for mind control victims over the world. 


The site abot electromagnetic wave attack. 

This is my damage of these attacks below.  

I always receive mind reading, mind transmitting, electromagnetic
wave attack, sonic and other harassments through the satellite.
For example, when I study in my room, I must receive these attacks.
I don’t concentrate on study at all. I often have s cut of my body
because of electromagnetic wave attack. I always feel pain in my body
especially my ears, eyes, and head. My eyesight became weak
from 0.4 degrees to 0.04 degrees only in one year. And I sometimes
was gotten up because of pain of electromagnetic wave attack during
sleeping time. I must be a lack of sleeping time and have a diarrhea
in school day.
What is more, my mind was often controlled especially during sleeping.
I can lead me to want to die. Also when I try to concentrate on study,
I must be interrupted by mind control. Moreover when I study listening
English which is my weak point, I must receive electromagnetic wave
attack strongly. When I received this, I can not move at all.
Honestly, my friend who is also victim of gang stalking, said that
almost all American know this harassment except for elder person.
Even in Japan, we can get a lot of information about these attacks so easy.
So many Japanese also know this harassment.

ABC NEWS - Introduction of the human biochip implant or microchip

Biden tells Roberts he will rule on RFID and Brain Scans _ New World Order ( NWO ).

Do You Believe in Government Mind Control_ -- Part 1_ Mary Ann Stratton


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